Certified Equine & Medical Infrared Thermographer

WHAT is Clinical Thermal Imaging? Painless, Pro-active, Preventative, Non- Invasive, Compression and radiation-free! 

WHO should have a thermal scan? Everyone! Men, Women, children, Horses, Dogs and other animals 

WHY?Your skin is the largest organ of the body and has unique and distinctive thermal patterns that are specific to you.  Skin patterns demonstrate hot and cold areas that are consistent with the body part involved in that region based on the sympathetic nervous system and are imaged with highly sensitive medical INFRARED cameras

WHEN? Every year or as often as needed- and can be used to monitor treatment or as recommended by the physician, vet, trainer, or farrier

Do YOU want this AMAZING TECHNOLOGY for yourself, OR your HORSE?

WHERE? Serving Eastern PA- Chester County- will travel

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Have questions about what’s going on with your health? Need answers to hidden aches pains, or upset stomach? Wondering about your cardiovascular vitality? Curious about what your body is trying to show you? Looking for an alternative to evaluate your breasts? Feel like you are aging prematurely? Want peace of mind or just a general health check? Let infrared technology help reveal these answers and more without any radiation, compression or poking what-so-ever.

Preparing for an event such as a race, show or competition?  Want to make sure everything is as it should be with your horse?  Not sure what your horse is trying to tell you?  Various feed changes and supplements not doing the trick?   Not sure if your saddle is comfortable for your horse?  Want to buy the perfect horse but need a noninvasive prepurchase exam?  Let my camera help you

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