Equine and Pet Imaging


If you would like to learn more about how thermal imaging is being recognized in the horse world as an effective diagnostic modality, please fill out the contact page. The areas of value are so many, but largely in assisting saddle fit issues, helping the vet locate the source of mystery lameness, hoof health, following the course of healing, and locating areas of inflammation BEFORE they become bigger problems, so they can be addressed.  All of this and more with NO radiation, poking or prodding, and no compression…. and all in the comfort of the horses’s OWN barn.

Locate a problem that is stressed BEFORE the affected tissue becomes damaged and find the CAUSE by utilizing infrared’s PHYSIOLOGICAL imaging- much different than anatomical imaging (ex.- xray).

Again:  Thermal Imaging can be useful for items such as:

  • Pre-Purchase exams
  • Hoof Balancing
  • Inflammation
  • General Diagnostics and Preventive Medicine
  • Saddle Fit
  • Muscle/Nerve Injury
  • Monitor Healing/Progress

 Below are my fees for the various scans:

  • Horse full scan (recommended)- $350
  • Horse Limited scan- $250
  • Horse saddlefit- $350
  • Horse full scan AND saddle fit-$600
  • Discounts for multiple scans at one location- $50/horse
  • Spot Scans for followup care- $25/image

*Additional travel charges may apply depending on location
*Return fee if horse is not ready (did not follow protocols) $150 additional
* Scans come complete with a veterinary report of findings and recommendations
*Inquire on the contact page for questions or specific requests and for other animals

Please go to forms page for client forms and protocols

*I serve the Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery and Berks counties, as well as DE, MD, and NJ.