Protocols for Medical Imaging:

24 hours prior to every appointment for Women’s Health Scan, Men’s Health Scan, or Breast Study

  1. No shaving
  2. No alcohol

12 hours prior to every appointment

  1. No Sunbathing (sunburn)
  2. No exercising / sauna

 2 hours prior to every appointment

  1. Do not apply any lotions, creams, deodorants or powders
  2. No eating Food
  3. Do not eat or drink any caffeine products
  4. No nicotine products
  5. Avoid taking any medications until after the exam
  6. Avoid any treatments that day for example (chiropractic, ultrasound, massage, etc)
  7. No mints or gum chewing
  8. Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment.
  9. Women remove your bra 30 minutes prior to apt.

Call or Email for Equine Protocols

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